Chihuahua Races & Beauty Pageant


No self respecting taco festival would be without Chihuahua Races and a Chihuahua Beauty Pageant – and the River’s Edge Taco Fest is certainly no exception!

The races will be intense and the runway is going to sizzle with “high fashion” as these little guys draw huge crowds to watch the festivities. This exhilarating and entertaining attraction will thrill guests while serving the community.

Registration for the 2019 Chihuahua Races & Beauty Pageant is now open!

CLICK HERE to register your dog today.

The River’s Edge Taco Fest has partnered with the Little White Dog Rescue to promote adoption of their dogs as well as raise money to help fund the organization’s efforts.


If you have any questions about entering your dog in the competitions, please email for more info.